Can I be charged with DUI just for driving after taking my prescription medicines?

Can I be charged with DUI with prescription drugs while driving?











In most states DUI laws you can be charged with DUI if you drive under the influence of any drug or with a certain amount of alcohol in your system.

If you have been prescribed a medication that impairs your ability to drive safely, it is not legal to drive while using that medication. You can even be charged with driving under the influence if taking tramadol and driving. The warnings on prescription medication bottles are legally binding, so if you have been accused of driving while under the influence of drugs, you should consult with a prescription drug DUI lawyer near me.

Side Effects of Taking Prescribed Medications

Many citizens now take medication for a variety of conditions. Including anti-anxiety medications, chronic pain, and sleep medications, such as Ambien. Taking these medications can have a huge effect on your ability to operate a vehicle.

If you’re in a car accident that involves injury or death, and a blood or urine test is positive for the presence of a prescription medication or its metabolites, you may be charged with DUI drugs.

It’s important to know that if you are within the amount of drug/recommended dosage and not the type of drug that says don’t drive at all, you should be fine, and that may have caused the accident, at least that’s what the state is trying to prove.

If you get charged with driving under the influence of prescription drugs offense your expert help comes from someone who understands the synergistic effects. That is the multiplying effect of these drugs and how to bring in experts to refute that claim.

What Prescription Drugs can you not Drive On

There are a few ways that prescription drugs can make driving unsafe, which could result in DUI/DWI charges. These conditions can manifest as drowsiness, difficulties concentrating, slower reaction times, confusion, and reduced visibility. All of these make it more dangerous for the driver and others on the road. Other side effects are:

  • Make you nauseous
  • Blur your vision
  • Slow down your movement
  • Cause you to faint
  • Speed up your heart rate


Mixing Alcohol and Prescription Drugs is Extremely Dangerous







If you take prescription medication that in any way deals with issues such as anxiety or depression or even pain relief and there is a warning on a label that you should not mix this with alcohol, or says something about using caution when using this with alcohol-do not use alcohol at all. Some medications such as Effexor, which is a very powerful drug, especially at the 150 mg dose, this medication along with any alcohol (1-2 glasses of wine) can cause total memory blackout. You can end up driving a car not even knowing you’re in it and walking around and talking sort of in a zombie state but still managing to get around.

Per Se DUI Laws

In some states, it is illegal to drive with a certain concentration of a controlled substance in your system. This is known as a per se law. For most legal drugs and medications, per se DUI laws are not applicable. However, in a few states where marijuana use is legal, there are per se laws that make it illegal to drive with a certain concentration of THC in your system.

Impairment DUI Laws

In general, a DUI charge relating to lawful drug or medication use would be based on the driver’s actual intoxication; in other words, the trial will not be able to operate a vehicle safely if even marginally impaired. (However, in states such as New York and Colorado, the driver’s physical appearance, demeanor, and field sobriety test (FST) results will be determined.

Understanding Drug DUI Laws

DUI laws can be confusing, but it is important to understand that the potential penalties are very serious. Be sure you seek professional help even if you are charged with DUI while driving under the influence of prescription drugs or illegal drugs – you have a lot to lose. The prescription drug DUI attorneys near me at are available to help you 24 hours a day. Call or fill out our online form to schedule a free, no-obligation review of your case.

If you have been charged with a DUI, call today to speak to a knowledgeable DUI defense lawyer near me in your area. Submit your case details, call 1-844-TEAM-DUI (1-844-832-6384) or contact a DUI defense lawyer directly.



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